You have to take the time – I do not mind, but when?


We all experienced a moment in our life where we did not find the time to relax a little, take care of ourselves or just do nothing. And we all have a good friend who says « but the time is getting it » 😤
Basecly, this is the kind of friend who does not have much to do in the day or the chance to be on vacation often.

To all those adorable friends who try to take care of us, I want to ask them something:
« When you are so tired, that you have taken 10 years in a week, that your body does not follow anymore, that your brain goes to sleep, that you do not know how to speak anymore and that your eyes have an unfortunate tendency to close on their own, I would like to tell me how can practice a sport, go for a walk, make a small garden or even take a bath? « 

Honestly it’s not bad will power 😔
Personally, I am so exhausted that I eat less and I have migraines every 2 days 😥
I loved to spend 30 minutes on my treadmill or spend time in the middle of my flowers and vegetable gardens 🙁

The problem with this condition is that more you are tired, more you are on rage, which puts our nerves to the test and of course when you are angry is difficult to rest.
It’s the snake biting its tail.

I still do not know how to break this pattern but I really have trouble doing something like sports😕

Maybe a sleep cure at the beach will do me good 😜


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