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Not so far, I talked about the awesome way to spend time at work I’ve found. Well, unfortunately it takes no longer 😡

I forgot the true kindness of my co-workers who complained to my boss. they all found that « I was not into it » and if I get bored, they can give me some work to do.

With all things they have said to me since the beginning , I had nerves. So my first reaction was to say them FUCK OFF. After all, I am just an « interim« , they say it all time. Plus, this is THEM want me, not me!

But my mother’s wisdom helped me to see the thing in different ways, « female » way. All women say « we need to stay strong and help each others because being a woman is already hard to be enemies » MY FOOT!!! I don’t know why women act like that?! They are a lot work to do and when you want to help them, they feel you like a threat and think you want their job.

FYI, it’s in a general way. I know all women are not like that, I am not like that! And I know also that some women are ready to do anything to take your job! Bloody hell, what’s wrong with them?!

Anyway, some people told me to ask work seeing that there are a lot of work. So I ask work every 15 minutes!
Well, in one side my day passed faster and the other side, I can piss them off. But the thing is that I worked so well that they have no more work to give me 🤔 I don’t really get it. Where was this ton of work ?!


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