Give a birth – New Business 💸

Since few years I feel that becoming a mother is the fashionable thing 🤔 It has become something important, as if it was a duty towards … I do not know who or what! 🤷🏻‍♀️

No matter where you go, you come across entire shelves of books or magazines about pregnancies and babies. It really became something « bankable » 🤑
So, I ask myself the question « do women really want a baby? », I mean when they have it! I have the feeling that they let themselves be influenced by a new trend created by society. A bit like when a new super duper car comes out and it becomes the « must have ». It’s really ugly but it feels like I have!
Giving life becomes kind of unhealthy business.

Think about it! 🤔
How many LIKE did you give to the people you follow (including the influencers) when they published pictures of their « bump » and the number of LIKE for the pictures of their baby that they are showing on social media?

 The baby is a new product that pays! But the education side and the cost, we do not talk about it! Everything is a question of image !!!


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