🇬🇧[My Adventure In Canada] #Part36 – Great Preparations #ThatsTheHeck

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

It’s a real disaster!

I am sorry but I am very upset! I thought I had found a good way to get home with all my stuff (which I loved!). I had chosen them with love, it was really hard to receive them, I built them myself and they were part of my adventure of big girl.

Unfortunately, the company I chose for my moving screwed me. Already I did not appreciate that the quote is not fixed, the price up and according to the weight of the pallet during the move. I wanted to cancel the move, however the deposit had been paid and therefore unrecoverable.

Plus, I tried to find another way, such as sending by UPS / FedEx or the extra baggage but it was really expensive. So, I decided to keep the movers, who by the way were no longer the same company. In fact, Brytor is subcontracting with another company and once your file has passed from one company to another, the first one does not have anything to do with you anymore, which I do not really have loved at all.

But the thing that made me completely crazy is when I learned that no box wasn’t included in the price or packaging! It’s up to customers to find and pay for all their stuffs and furnitures!!!
Then, the subcontractor informed me that despite the contract or it was stipulated that the movers had to pack all my stuff, I would have to do it myself!!! He told me « as long as we pack things that break you pack all the rest« .

I am really disappointed with Brytor and I do not recommend it. And honestly, I’m scared of not having all my stuff 4 weeks after my move. Moreover, after learning that I had to provide the boxes I decided to sell my furnitures 😭 




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