Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was out June the 22nd in Canada and my fav actor, Chris Pratt, is in it, so I had to go to see it!!!  Well, the thing is I missed the out 😂 So I went to the theater this weekend. And I was so upset to miss it the weekend of its out (excuses) I decided to make me happy and go to see Chris Pratt in IMAX version 😝

The IMAX version is a much larger screen than the ones we know and the sound is so good that the seats move!

To be clear, before the movie starts I was surrounded by horrible popcorn eaters and if I really hate when people make noise when they eat 😡 I don’t know how they get make this damn noise just with 3 little popcorn 🤷🏻‍♀️ How it is possible?!

Whatever! Thanks to the amazing IMAX sound which made  these « chkroupchkroup » disappear!!!
And the image is just … how to say … it’s easy, I fell definitely in love with Chris Pratt, from every angle! 😂

Oh and what about the movie?! Just AWESOME!!! 😝

I’d really love this movie and my IMAX experience, which is coming slowly in France but IMAX is nothing to compare the 4Dx 😱


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