🇬🇧[Blog] Winter is coming #Part1 – My new goal


[Photo Pixabay : Kaz]

In recent times I am prey to the existential questions that manage my life. Again?! You will tell me! Yes, again! I often question myself in order to move in the best direction for me.

This time it is about having faith and accepting ourselves like we are.

After spending almost 10 months in Toronto, my vision of life changed a lot. I learned a lot about myself (that’s why it’s time to accept myself as I am) and I completely lost faith in The Universe (so I’m looking for ways to manage my life without this faith).

The title of this article begins with « Winter is coming« , because I’m going to enjoy the winter to boost myself physically and mentally. I am pretty sure winter won’t be enough for me to take new good habits and especially to lose the bad ones. As they say « good old habits die hard« .

However, I will try to do my best and I will take you with me on this new adventure (among many others, I hope 🤞🏼).

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