🇬🇧[Blog] What is good for health – Say f*** to all this !!!


We hear all the time « You should do sports, it’s good for you » or « you should stop sugar it’s very bad! »
I just have a question for all these new self-proclaimed doctors: What do you know about that?

Today, we only talk about what is good or bad for health because specialists have decided to make their voices heard in fashion magazines (yes I’m totally sarcastic!).

Think about 2 seconds (that’s okay, you’re not going to die! 😂), Why great specialists whose names we never really knew and who never come in person to testify (and in fact show their faces) decreed everything. a blow that this or that thing is good for health ?!

I am the example of this big bullshit con!


I’m 33 (soon 😝) and I’m eating like a 15 year old teenager. I hate cooking and drinking water. My meals are pizzas, toast with cheese, fast food menus, sweets and soda … LOTS OF POPS !!!

No vegetables, very little meat (almost no) and nothing very « healthy ». And yet, I have no deficiency and I think about 60kg (it depends on the times it’s 3kg more or 3kg less) for 1m71. And I’m not ashamed / afraid to say my weight 😋

I think everything is a matter of metabolism, the way you burn your fat. Personally, I am a ball of nerves. I can not sit or do anything for nothing LOL (for example, I go down with my iPad to watch a streaming series that does not want to start IT PISS ME OFF! Whatever, let’s go back to our subject!)

When a person comes to see you with a little comment like « you should not, it’s not good for you! », Determine if it’s not good for you or for HER / HIM. Generally, people speak for themselves by putting you in the lot to avoid exposing their jealousy too much 😁

I have another example also to make you think about my words (because I’m not trying to convince you it’s useless, we’re all camped on our positions ^^). Let’s talk about these doctors, great health experts (in women’s magazines, essentially!).
Everyone knows that coffee is bad for your health, that you should avoid drinking it especially if you are pregnant. Obviously everyone knows that! EXCEPT that one day, it turned out that I heard in a TV magazine « specialized » a doctor who said that coffee was good for health, that it was not necessary all the time not to abuse but that he had positive effects on us. For example, coffee can help sleep and helps a lot for migraines.

Another example is sugar! It’s still strange that the sugar that we really need to be in shape all day, becomes our enemy number 1 ^^ Especially when the big companies of soda come out a whole range of « no added sugar », but that’s another debate 😝

What I’m getting at is that before you listen to everything the media and « others » tell you about what’s good for you, you should look not a shortage of something or the launch of another thing. And above all, look what’s good for YOU! You have different nutritional needs. Everyone is different so do not format anything you are told !!!

And do not abuse anything! That’s the secret 😜



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