🇬🇧[Blog] The Women of My Life – My Warriors

This is my mother and my grandmother, the two most incredible and brave women I know (with Mams!).

These are both my rocks. Two people who know me better than I know myself. I literally owe them life but also everything that makes me today.

I have never really had any friends, the kind always present and with whom we spend our life doing the 400 shots, I am not a very sociable person and that because of bad people met on the way of my life . I never managed to trust anyone completely because everyone betrayed me out of jealousy (I think 🤔).

But these two have ALWAYS been present even in the worst periods of my life! We had a lot of jaws, and I can tell you that we are not ready to have more 😝 but our relationship has strengthened! I would give my life for them!

I do not know if you can understand me or imagine how it feels to be surrounded by so much love and know that it is eternal in spite of all that can happen, to know that we will never be alone even at 6000km from home, to rely on someone who will never judge you even if they do not often understand my attitude but they try and that’s already much more than most!

If I’m « alone« , I mean single, without children and with very few friends, it’s just that I already have everything I need! And no one will ever understand me as much as they, let alone get to their ankles (sorry PrattPratt 🤣)

2017-12-31 18.04.06

In recent years, there is this number too! This super wonder woman and every day I admire more and more. I admit that the beginnings were disastrous for my fault – admit it ☺️  I was always very close to my cousin whom I consider my brother – and I was really jealous of the fact that she « took him » to me. I was young and stupid! Today I’m still stupid but not young anymore 😂

This chick is gold! I should have trusted my cousin. A chance for me I realized before it was too late that Mams was just made to be part of our crazy family 😂

My cousin being a soldier is not easy every day, he is often absent or very busy and that did not stop them from having 3 kids just great! Incredibly intelligent, polite as we do not see and so adorable!

I never liked children but I fell for each of them! Even though I can not really have the Aunty title I am for them! They can ask me anything they want they will have (sorry Mams I’m weak against your rascals 😝).

And I realized that in fact it was this bit of woman who had to manage all this mostly alone! She just amazing 😍 And I’m happy and proud to have her in my family and I sincerely hope that one day I will have with her the same relationship that I have with my cousin! (In any case it’s okay 😜)

In addition, these idiots have made me the greatest gift that I would have ever hoped for 😁 I am the godmother of the little last … yeah it’s official they can not get rid of me anymore 😂😂😂


Moreover, we can add Lena (my lil monkey) and Laurena (my pounette) to the list! I will not put a photo of them, even if I’m dying to show you my beauties ☺️ but I do not want to expose them on the internet, they are young and will have the right to do what they want with their image much later (yeah it looks like an old woman who talks but I want to protect them as long as possible).

These two women in the making are the very image of the world I want to see one day. They are incredibly smart, beautiful, smart, and they know how to get the last word 😋 They are warriors! And I’m happy to be part of their life and I hope someday they will learn a little bit about me, like « how to make their father mad » 🤣

Ladies, I just wanted to tell you how much your presence in my life has made me better, stronger, more courageous, more daring, more loving, more understanding, more caring and more proud than ever of all that I am and All I have! My happiness boils down to you and it is huge!

I miss you and I can not wait to meet you for a shopping outing, to know more about Plus Belle La Vie, to have a blindtest/karaoke party, to play hide-and-seek and to see the wonderful woman you will become !

Thank you for being there and loving me for all my imperfections!

I love you!!!



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