🇬🇧[Blog] My key to happiness – Live your way

close up of leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A few days ago I was talking about accepting as we were physically but it is also true for who we are mentally.

Recently I met French people who began to psychoanalyze me with their eyes of young carefree idiots 😁 As I don’t have enough confidence in me, they blew me up. They tried to help me to be happy because I had the misfortune to tell them that I didn’t like my life in Toronto and they did not understand it. So they « advised » me to do things I don’t like at all on the pretext that it was better for me.

How many times have I heard that ?!

So, I started to remember all those people who told me the same thing: « it’s better for you! » – « get out of your cocoon » – « it’s not healthy » with all these heard of « I know better than you what is good for you … despite that I know you only for a month » 😤

This kind of thing doesn’t have a very good effect on me so I started to be anxious and  I suffocated. A chance for me I have great friends and family who are always there to support me ☺️ They helped me to put order in my head, to see more clearly.

In fact, I’ve never been a child/teenager like any other so why would I be an « adult » like the others ?!

This is who I really am:
I’m just a girl who likes banal and boring things (besides the things said boring are not necessarily horrible, at least I love it !!!), who puts her family first (because the family is the most important thing!).

I don’t like to make tons of friends just because the little that I have amply enough (they are the best friends in the world!).

I do not like going out because I get bored quickly in the middle of people who think that their way of living is the best and that you have not understood anything about life! I live my life in the way that makes me happy (not a fleeting happiness that lasts!), it means watching for hours wildcats play with butterflies or watching bees foraging the flowers that I planted or listening  my grandmother talking to neighbors at 8am 😁

So that’s who I am: a girl who loves more than anything her family and life in all its simplicity!

It’s no way for me to change, I am as I am and I love the person I am, failing and bad experiences included, it is what makes me unique and I like to be unique 😊

And I think if you doubt the way you live it’s already normal and then you live the life you want to live. It does not matter how you like to live the important thing in this world is to be happy and I hope you will be as lucky as me to have amazing people always close to you (despite the distance!)



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