🇬🇧 [Blog] FanExpo Canada – A Guest Surprised Me!

fan_expo_featuredLast Saturday was a really awesome, amazing, huge and important day of my life.

First, because I met my childhood heroes MacGyver, an amazing and nice man. I cried a little bit, but the feeling that I had was indescribable.

Second, because I met a guy that I will never expect he will be an awesome guy :

Ian Somerhalder touched me a lot (I mean not like that bloody perverts). I was in a room in front him [and Paul Wesley, so funny guy] and someone ask “what the new generation can do to be better?” Ian’s answer was amazing and so true!

He said the worst thing that the new generation had was CELL PHONES. Because everybody has a bad day (a shitty one sometimes) and we are so down, and we connect to our phone to check social media and the first thing we see it’s a picture of our “friends” so happy with a “#BestDayEver” and we are just more depressed.
The thing is (but he didn’t mention it) that we see on social media, it’s not the real life it’s just crap!
He added the most important thing is the connection between us, but without cell phones, just talk with people around us and share beautiful memories.

This guy surprised me a lot 😳 because he was true and because few months ago I was thinking about how I can help teenagers and how to stop this illness called DEPRESSION and he said all words that we need to hear. It was like he spoke to me and I saw a sign that I was on my best way to help people.

So Thanks to him. For what he said to all people in  the room and for showing me the way I will follow.

I really hope one day I will meet him again and ask him to help me to spread the word against depression #NoMoreDepression #LetsTalk

I am  happy that people start to talk about and maybe one day we will find a way to stop that and this day I will have to find another fight ☺️
I hope soon 🤞🏼


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