🇬🇧 [Blog] The Hygge or the new philosophy of life – Does it work?

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Like everyone else I am in the perpetual search for happiness. This little thing we miss so much at all (more and more). So, I’m on the lookout for the slightest novelty in « art of happiness » 😁 – and my latest discovery is called HYGGE.

The Hygge is a philosophy of happiness from the Scandinavian countries, Denmark to be more precise 😉 It is well known that our friends Vikings are the happiest, besides in « my notebook Hygge Happy Therapy » it is specified in the intro that the Danes « are the big winners of the classification of the happiest people since 1973 » So how not to take an example of them? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Good to be honest, I only read the intro … OKAY! … half of the introduction !!! But it was enough to ask me why I could not find happiness (as before) and especially why I had YET bought a book that I would never finish 😂 and that will still annoy me rather than me help!

I do not know about you but I get angry quickly when I see that the new « miracle solutions » to happiness work as well as the miracle solutions to lose weight 😡🤬😡
I do well as it says – or almost! But nothing works! That’s when the nerves let go, the depression comes and I want to stay under the duvet! Then I wonder what part I mismanaged 🤔 and realizes that our life trains diverge!

We do not have the same hours of work, the same desires, the same expectations … In fact we are all different from each other!
For example, I personally have been working for a very short time, which makes me tired when I come home. I know I have to count a few weeks to make the habit and to be able to make a new day behind but while waiting my household accumulates and I put aside my leisures 😣 not to mention the head that I have. I’m a big sleeper, so the choice is quickly made between me pamper and sleep 15 minutes more is quickly taken 😜

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Photo de Ivan Obolensky sur Pexels.com

To come back to our sheep, the prime advice of happiness therapy is TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! To take time for yourself and to enjoy the little things of everyday life.
But how is it possible when working as damned to enrich fat rich people? (No panic I would not do politics 😋)

Well, the Danes are happy, but first and foremost, we must see how their economy is doing.

I do not say that in France it is impossible to be happy but it is much more difficult to be in Scandinavia 😕



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