🇬🇧[Blog] Happiness – The new charlatans of happiness


I watched Martin Weill’s show about gurus on TMC. Well I watched it in REPLAY since it’s been a while since it was released 😜

After I finished watching the entire show I realized how much people were ready for anything to finally feel better 😟

There is really a scourge that affects the whole world today and it’s depression. It can also be called « burn-out« , « mental load« , « bad being » … But for me it’s still a depression.
As soon as one feels bad in one’s life, one calls oneself into question, one is sad and unhappy it is part of the depression. It is « materialized » in different ways, more or less strong but we all seek to be happy.

alone man person sadness
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We always try to find something that will make us feel better! Unfortunately some are not good because too excessive, like alcohol or drugs and other long, like therapies. We just want to be happy … but we do not know how to do it 😕
And that’s where charlatans arrive. They manipulate you and destroy you even more. Sects or new religions are the first ones to « see » you and « hunt down » you. They are good at manipulating people who are in a period of their life where everything « must change« .

I understand so much the feeling of being lost, of being under pressure, of doing everything bad, of being in the bad life … I turned to many « solutions » that I thought to be the GOOD! I felt good a few weeks (at best) but one day all this bad-being came back gallops!!!
Depression has become my new fight, I wish one day to say « BINGO !!!! I found a way to be happy! » Because the depression is largely due to the fact that we can not find happiness 😕

There are other kinds of charlatans to be wary of: the seers. Many of these people extort too often people who feel very bad 😡 They tell you what you want to hear to give you a smile but when you realize that it was only lies you fall into this very dark nothingness🙁

asphalt dark dawn endless
Photo de Pixabay sur Pexels.com

Despair and depression are things that should not be taken lightly and can not be cured with a draw of cards, a spiritual retreat, miracle substances found in the Amazon or with life coaches. There is a lot of work on the « me » to do but also a change to make the company.

Ask yourself, « why are you in this state? »
I did it, and some of my answers turned on the pressure of society that weighed on me, such as being married and having children at my age, having a house, a car, credits, doing a job that I would not have chosen … all those things that I absolutely did not do and that are not normal for society. But it can work for those who did it … did you really want that? (Be carefull I’m not talking about regretting what you have, just knowing if it was the life YOU really wanted!?!)

I think the first step on the path to healing is to ask just the next short question before making a decision « Am I doing it for me or for others?« 



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