🇬🇧[Blog] These new anti-women movements – ⚠️ DANGER ⚠️

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There are really too many problems in this world, such as wars, terrorism, harassment / rape, racism or homophobia. There is so much freedom that people are no longer free to have their own opinions or beliefs.

As #MeToo grows in show biz and showbiz, feminism has taken a giant leap and sexual harassment is taken seriously, a new group is making its voice heard: MEN!

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An anti-feminist or anti-women movement is fast approaching the scene.

A little feminist aside before going further 😁 It took several decades for women to be heard and less than a year for this movement of macho to arrive on the « market ».

The MALE of this planet feel emasculated 😱 The poor little cabbages !!! In this movement men want to regain their authority over women. They want to come back in the 50s, the beautiful time when women had to close and lay kids, while cooking and doing housework. Because the woman is born for that !!! After all, if there is no more work on this planet, it’s because women stole it from men!

In a report on « Warrior Week« , which is a camp for men who want to become REAL MEN, the big boss assured that « women could pretend all day to be as strong as men but in the end if they were facing a REAL MAN THEY WOULD BE DEAD « 😱😱😱
Is it a threat? A real man would not be more a guy who would be there to support her at the end of her day?

Men are said to be the strongest sex! If we take it physically, IN GENERAL, it is true but on the emotional level? Who is the strongest sex? Would a man be able to smile after receiving a big spike in the face? Would he be able to accept the lover of his wife without a crisis to protect his children? Would he be able to suffer blows every day without answering for years? Would he be able to accept that one or more women are matting his buttocks or crotch, asking him to take off his shirt or make inappropriate remarks to him at work and back up to work? Would he be able to be considered an object of desire rather than a brain?
Once again I speak in general but all these MEN already need a movement and camps to assert then 50 years of submission🤔🤔🤔 I doubt it !!!!

Other gurus roam the world to tell those who want to hear it and there are women in the lot (what a shame!), That women are the only culprits if they are harassed – nothing to do with the respect!

According to them, if women wear makeup it is to arouse excitement.
On the one hand, let’s be honest it’s not wrong, in the sense that women want to feel beautiful. But to say that a red lipstick causes men and that is why they are harassed, do not push! It’s called having respect, but I’m not sure these misogynists are smart enough to understand the difference.
So according to one of these gurus women should stop wearing makeup, even dress class, not to be harassed! 👏 👏 👏

All these new movements once again put the woman at the heart of the problem. We come back to the fact that the problem is THE WOMAN and nothing else! Men are simply victims … as usual! For example, a man who cheats on you, it will not be his fault but the fault of THE WOMAN who jumped on it !!!

The big worry in all this is that we are still in extremes that, instead of moving forward together, we live in a nostalgia for a bygone era. Which causes even more deaths!

In April 2018, a 25-year-old man walked into the crowd because he was fed up with women pushing him away. He was part of one of these new movements called INCEL.
And it’s not going to work out because as in all extreme cases there is a lot of hatred and violence. Unfortunately, it is still women who will suffer!

We are still in a situation where the human being is facing something that he does not control and he is afraid so he will do what he knows best: start a war!

I do not know if it’s typically male but we are really made to a lack of communication! A little like the fact that « boys do not cry« , men « do not speak« . It would be too shameful to talk about what we feel to better progress and find his place! It’s so much better than proclaiming VICTIMS and blaming the sex that is not as weak as that.

However, I really hope, for me and for single women, that there really are men who grow up with their time because I’m not ready to put myself in a relationship 😂








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