🇬🇧[My Canadian adventure] # Part42 – The move in #TheLastWhatTheFuck

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

I was going to start this article saying « last article about my move in » but NO! The last one will be when I get my boxes and furniture … which is not going to happen.

A month ago, BRYTOR movers came to my home (in Canada) to finish packing my furniture and my fragile ones. I really have nothing to say about the guys. More pro and more fun you die. They completely relaxed me about my move. I had really become serene.

What was short-lived since after that day everything degenerated AGAIN! In fact it had started the day before the move when the « administration » BRYTOR asked me the rest of the sum of the quote they had made me. At that moment, I felt fear and anger.

Fear, simply because I was afraid that the movers would not come the next day if I did not pay. Knowing that I did not have a kopeck on my account since I had just closed it. It was necessary that I urgently contact my French adviser so that she could make a transfer to the company. My counselor did it the next morning. The movers came and I had learned in the meantime that as long as the sum is not paid the cartons would not leave (which would be downright the same if I had paid 3 years later – you will understand further .. .). It took me a week to confirm that the payment had been received while the levy was already appearing on my account. I was able to contact them (even harass) by email, they never answered me !!!

Once I received confirmation from them, I asked them when my stuff was going to leave. No answer! Once again I harassed them to finally get an answer from an N-ish advisor who told me that according to the contract (which gives you after the agreement and the down payment) my business would only go away when the container would be full! Basically « you can always run to get your things back, which will be damaged by bad weather in Canada » 😡

I REALLY warn you against this company: BRYTOR!

For me they are dishonest! They wind you up and leave you in your doubts after, despite your emails.

So, it’s been a month since I came back, I should have had my business late next month (in what they make you believe) but in fact they still have not left Canada! I have little hope of seeing them again next day and in good condition!

Honestly I’m so angry that I avoid thinking about it 🤬



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