🇬🇧[My adventure in Canada] #Part40 – Back in France, it’s time to the results

balance blur boulder close up
Photo de Pixabay sur Pexels.com

It’s been a while since I’m back in France and I wanted to list the things that changed in me during my trip to Canada:

  1. I am more confident even if it is not yet in top-top
  2. I accept myself a little more (physically and mentally)
  3. I came out bigger (not grown up or older! Bigger!)
  4. I’m starting to see more clearly what I really want and what helps me move forward (dreams, fantasies, obsessions – thank you Perception!)
  5. My taste for the challenge is back! I feel like invincible
  6. I saw myself through the eyes of others (the good others!)
  7. Fear of losing all this on returning
  8. I lived in the 3rd largest city in North America and … nothing has changed! I only want to go home
  9. It’s nice to see what you can do, especially for someone like me who is afraid of everything and hates change
  10. Incredible meetings that taught me a lot about myself and what I wanted
  11. I feel sad and happy in the same time
  12. I finally ended something (in once)
  13. The Universe brought me what I dreamt even if it’s not the way I wanted




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