🇬🇧[Popular Psychology] #Part2 – Social Media guilty!

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Are you wondering what my title means?
How are social media guilty?

Social Media are guilty of large numbers of depressions among our youth! I don’t know the exact numbers and honestly I don’t care! We are so giddy with figures that are not the mirror of today’s society.

Recently, I read an article full of numbers that said that social networks make teenagers happy, less alone and less depressed. This crap of bullshit made me want to throw my iPad across the room (thankfully I quickly remembered the price of one of these tablets 😂).

I was shocked to see how much SM (social media) managed to bribe a journalist from ICI Radio Canada (a very serious news website in Canada) to get people back to log in!!!
It is simply aberrant !!!


While some websites proclaim that young people are turning away from the SM, as in Great Britain, we are starting to see « studies » that prove that teens don’t risk anything with the SM.
As a reminder, the legal age to create an account on FB (Facebook) is 13 years old, in theory since there are kids of all ages!

First I would like to ask parents to pay attention what their children put on the INTERNET but especially to be careful NOT TO put their children on SM.
Seriously?! You, parents! Do you think for a single second of the consequences of such acts ???
There is something called DARK NET! It’s a place where all the crazy monsters on the planet meet and where the pedophiles share the pictures of your children that YOU posted!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!


Then, I will not deny, I am a big fan of SM, I mean especially 2 of them: Twitter and Instagram. I love Twitter‘s « keep up-to-date » side and the « photography and memory » side of Instagram. However, as many people on this planet have suffered their harmful effects.

It started with Facebook. I didn’t want to register, I really did not see the usefulness but a friend convinced me because it was a great way to keep in touch. Except that it quickly became the race for « friends« , sharing my life, trying to find out who to talk to and then became a call for help without any answer, the feeling of loneliness appeared (and I am only child who lives in the depths of France, loneliness was my daily life!) and then jealousy with these questions « why them and not me? » and « why is my life too rotten and not theirs? » and worse « why do not I have friends like them?« . From this the depression was there and at this time nobody had not idea the effects of Facebook on people. 

I tried to get rid of it but addictions die hard, a chance for me, an addiction chasing another and Twitter has arrived! A breath of fresh air!
I could tweet everything I wanted without waiting for answer, just to empty my bag. In addition, I kept myself informed of everything in due time (at the time I even had the last scoops before the news 😝). I found myself in Twitter (and it still is). That’s why when I was told about Instagram I thought « why not » and it became the same as FB.
By dint of seeing PERFECT photos of PERFECT life and PERFECT bodies my depression has returned! I tried to do everything to have what these users had but in vain!

When I discovered that I was not ready for SM, I disconnected from everything, for a period of one or two months for 4 or 5 years. After working on me I’m able to go back on Twitter and Instagram (paying attention to who I am), however I still can not stand to go on FB (too much drama and bullshit we could avoid) but again I filter requests from friends, I have 50 at the most 😁


I thought I was the only one to feel that because of Social Media but when I see the number of articles on the subject and the number of people who talk about it more and more, I realize that there is a real problem !
I met a 20-year-old girl who told me one day that she was no longer on IG (Instagram) because she did not live well seeing all these gorgeous women strutting in bikinis or luxury dresses without a bit of fat! And she was not sure she wanted to go back because she knew she was going to follow the same « stars » again!

There is really a lot of work to do to stop this epidemic! First we must limit the people we follow to « real » people or people who will not put forward their super beautiful (FAKE) life!
Personally I love following people such as Hilary Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, despite their success they lead a quiet life on their farm and have a big heart. I think there are other beautiful people of that kind on SM.

Then we should stop putting things that are not real just for OTHERS like us! One day someone told « we are always the buffoon of someone else » and we have to learn how to deal with it, but if we stayed true to what we are we should not be ashamed of who we are!


Unfortunately we don’t live in an Utopia and the best we can do to protect ourselves from the depression due to Social Networks is:

  1. Have a private account where only our real friends follow us

  2. To follow accounts that will push us up and show us that life is just the same for everyone

  3. Stop following a trend (especially if it does not bring us anything good)

  4. Turn our phone off and live our life a few hours a day

That’s what I do and I manage to get back into the present moment, to live real things, not to look at what others have and not me and I finally managed to understand how I could be happy.


at least 1 hour by day and look around you, enjoy!


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