🇬🇧[My Adventure in Canada] #Part37 – Great Preparations #TheDocuments


When I accepted this moving company, Brytor, I thought everything would be done quietly and once again that’s not real!

To be able to repatriate his own stuff at home, in our own country, you need crazy documents! Everybody says that France is an administrative country but it is not the only one.

You need :

  • an inventory of the boxes you want to move. What I didn’t understand yet that the company is supposed to take care to pack everything, especially if you take an insurance in which it is clear that if it is you packed your stuff yourself the insurance does not work but apparently they do not!

  • a certificate of change of residence, which you will have at the consulate of France. IF you spent ONE YEAR in the country, if it is not the case you’ve got trouble

  • a bill whom proves that you have lived in Canada, or the lease (but it is not sure that it works)

  • a proof that you have an address in France, such as an EDF’s bill. If you go back to your parents’ home they will have to give you a letter stating that they are hosting you, a piece of identification and an invoice bearing their name

  • a copy of your ID or passeport
  • If you have a Holiday-Work Permit, give a copy of it

I had to have hundreds of exchanges with the subcontractor to try to explain to him that I have a Holiday-Work Permit, that I live in Canada since September 2017 and that I have no bill with my name! And it’s not easy!

I’m really scared to never see my stuff again because of all their paperwork! 😡😡😡 



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