🇬🇧 [My Adventure in Canada] # Part33 – The disappointment of not being able to travel 😥

woman looking at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I made the decision to leave my job earlier than expected and I talked to someone who told me to take advantage of it to travel. I found the idea extra. After all, I am in Canada, next to Montreal and not far from New York.

So I decided to see the country 😀


But my « non-adventurous » side has recovered very quickly and my reason has asked me to look at my finances. That’s when my joy came down 😞

Living alone in my own apartment finances are not extraordinary. Despite my hours at work and the fact that I almost never go out, I realized that I could not go to visit the Big Apple.

I tried to watch for organized trips, to go on Meetup, to take the bus and find a cheap hotel but when one is alone to travel there are 2 problems that arise (especially for me).

Already, when one is alone, oddly, the prices flambent 😱 Like, for organized trips, even if you share a room with someone, you pay perhaps double. I do not really understand why 🤔
The second problem is that traveling and visiting a new place alone is not enjoyable 😕 For me, the best thing about traveling is to share that with someone.


In view of all this I will, unfortunately, stay 2 months in Toronto 😕 I know this is the best way for my finances (especially with my move) but I admit that I am a little disappointed to tell me that I will to return without having visited anything while I was nearby. But the worst part of all this is to tell me that I spent all my adventure working like a s**** in a compagnie that treated me like a dog!
I worked from 7am to 4pm and when I came back I was so tired that I could not do anything. As for the weekend, I spent them sleeping and doing my housework 😣



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