🇬🇧[My Adventure in Canada] #Part30 – Summer is really here! ☀️☀️☀️


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Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com

In Canada there is really no double standards, it is very cold in winter (-30 degrees this year) and really hot in summer (32 degrees, for now). Between the two, it’s just 3 weeks of rain storm.

In winter, we put layers of clothes and blankets more on oneself and in summer … well  we leave the heavy artillery 😝 💪🏼

When it’s 25 degrees at night and we work 9 hours a day, we just ask for a way to sleep a few hours. One night I was so hot that I envisioned everything that was possible and everything that was not 😝 

And finally I had an idea of ​​genius (this is where I throw flowers 💐💐💐). I remembered that when I was little my grandma was putting a hot water bottle in my bed during the winter so that I was warm during the night 😁 So I thought that if it worked with water hot why would not it work with ice cubes?!?🤔

S2018-07-02 00.11.44o I tested a little this idea of ​​genius (💐💐💐). I took bottles of pop  2L and small bottles. Of course, you are not stupid, I filled them with water and frozen. Once frozen, I just go out when I go to bed. I wrap them in bath towels and put them in my bed. I put a little bottle on my foot and a big one that I take as Doudou😝
Choose what is best for you!

2018-07-02 09.18.46On top of that, I have a friend who told me how to make a low-cost AC. Just place a frozen bottle in front of a fan, it can have a cooler wind. As we know, the fan does not produce cold air, it just produces wind but when the air is hot the fan gets warm wind, with a bottle in front, the wind is cooler

Last little tip: the pillow in the freezer some time before bedtime. It will make your pillow cool and it kills germs😜

2018-07-02 17.34.24

For a really hot day, it is still better to have an air conditioning. Personally I have one in my apartment but it is so hot (and in addition it is small) that I do not really feel the difference. So, I practice « fresh shower » 3 or 4 times a day (when I’m not working).

This practice is very simple! Just go in the shower, set the water on « fresh » – not warm but not too cold. It’s a bit like you’re under a waterfall but a lot less cold and at home. It’s really refreshing. I do it when I feel the warmth of my body getting too hot all at once and just before going to sleep.

So much for my little tips against the heat in the apartments.
If you have others do not hesitate to share, I’m interested😁

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