🇬🇧 [My Adventure In Canada] #Part21 – I am sick and tired 😓

[Photo Pixabay : Katzenspielzeug]

While I should be in peace in my new place with all my furnitures that I FINALLY had, well it’s not!

My landlady hired the laziest contractor of Toronto! He said it will be finished in 2 days… it’s been 2 WEEKS!!! 😡😡😡

He demolished all my bathroom and one wall of my bedroom, it means I can’t take a shower for 2 weeks (but I still wash myself Grubbies LOL I do it like my great grandma, in the sink) and I still sleep on the small air mattress while I have a good full bed waiting for me.

Thanks to my furnitures, I camp a little less, but it’s not really awesome yet because the contractor still has not cleared the rubble on the floor (cf. photos previous articles). So I still live in the mess!

After he stood me up A LOT OF TIME, oh yeah!, because the guy told me he will come tomorrow, but he won’t without telling me 😠 So I decided to tell everything to my landlady, I thought she needed to know how I lived. I sent her photos by email. Immediately she calls me and this bastard told her that it was MY FAULT beaches I didn’t pick up on the phone. Except, HE didn’t answer me when I texted him. I sent him 3 texts to know when he planned to move his ass and come to finish his f-ing mess 😡

Nevertheless, it has borne fruit because yesterday the contractor sent me a text to ask me when I will leave my place in the morning. I was so happy! I thought he would come early and would work all day AND everything will be DONE!!! 😁


This bastard came the morning before I leave to take my keys and come later !

I came back at home at 4pm (nearly) et honestly, he did NOTHING!!!

To get an idea, he had to do my bathroom, my room and the closet in the bedroom. For now, he demolished everything and he fixes the walls.

Today, he did the plate’s « seals ». I doesn’t know when he came but he is not speed. I am not sure it takes the entire afternoon to do it!

�� [My Adventure In Canada] #Part21 - I am sick and tired �
�� [My Adventure In Canada] #Part21 - I am sick and tired �
�� [My Adventure In Canada] #Part21 - I am sick and tired �


Now, he has to stick the tiles in the bathroom and repaint the room … He told me repeatedly that it would be over tomorrow!

Even if you don’t know about renovation, nobody is too dumb to know that is IMPOSSIBLE!!! You must wait for ONE DAY for the tiles to dry before to be able to make the seals. And if I am not wrong, we must also wait until the « thing » he put on the plate dries to be able to glue the tiles!

It is 6.28 (precisely) and the contractor is still here! I don’t know what he does except to fuck me! Monsieur took a 10 minute break and watched videos on his cell phone. I hear him with his drill, I really don’t know what he’s doing, but  one thing is sure he doesn’t stick the tiles😡😡😡


And as it was not enough, my work exhausts me to death!

The minimum wage increased by about 3$ overnight, they are asking us more and more. For example, my job consist to sort out, price and take the cart full of shoes to the roller. But there are no more people enough to roll so I have to do it on my own because the rollers have to busy with clothes (much important apparently!). So I have to do everything by myself 😥

I am all alone doing everything, plus I have to price more than 250 pair of shoes by day!!! It’s too much for me! 😥

Everyday, I dream to come home and take a hot and long shower (or a bath) and watching a good movie in my bed or on my sofa… BUT I have the mess EVERYWHERE et a crab who doesn’t finished a work that it should have taken 3 days at most!!!


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