🇬🇧 [My adventure in Canada] #Part20 – My roommate really misses me 😂

[Photo venant de la chaine YouTube : MaddMike]

Now I have my OWN PLACE and I feel so better. Everything what happened in last 4 months with the crazy biches that I met, is behind me (well not really beaches I have to pick up my package!).

But it was too good to be true! The last crazy one who asks me to leave sent me an email the day I left, I mean the night.

When I left the apartment there is nobody at home and I knew she will come back to her job late in the night so I had a problem to let her the keys. Either I left them on the table and leave unlocked the door, either I waited for her, either I kept the keys and gave her back when we both are free.

I don’t know what you will have done and I don’t say I chose the best solution, but I chose to go leaving the keys on the table and without locking the door. I knew everybody would come in (even if I won’t 100% sure). The building was secured and nobody knew it wasn’t locked. But I repeat I am not saying that it was the best way.

But I have to admit the picture of her react in my head it was really awesome and it helped me to my decision 😂 I imagine her yelling 😂

And it seems it was happening beaches she sent me this nice threatening :

I almost miss her 😂😂😂



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